How to personalize your diary cover in 4 easy steps


I am an evangelist of journaling! I will preach it to all that want to hear it. It’s been my steady ritual of self-care since the age of 14. At that age I would write about the new earrings that I bought,  the joke that made me laugh at school and what we ate that day. Very practical. And really boring to read back now haha!

Today it’s a ritual of important introspection: with journaling I am taking a moment to connect with a deeper part of myself. I ask myself: how are you really doing? What is your joy? What is your sorrow? What is your highest need? What are you grateful for? What needs healing? What needs love?  

I connect with my inner world this way and it feels like therapy. I travel everywhere with my diary. It’s with me on every flight! I even write in the airplane when we have a break. The benefits of journaling are working really well for me because it provides me clarity in my own thought-process and I connect to peace when I give attention to what needs my attention.

Let’s create your own personal diary cover!

1) Choose your diary
My personal favorite diary brand is Paperblanks because they use sustainable acid-free forest paper and have beautiful oriental and vibrant designs. I usually buy them in bookshop AKO at Schiphol Airport or in Nawijk & Polak in Apeldoorn. You can also order them online. Any diary with a empty cover will do 🙂

2) Print out your best pictures
Go through your travel pictures, your best selfies, moments with your dearest people or pictures that show a certain emotion: print out the picture that really captures YOU.

3) Order your stickers
If you want to give your cover more effect, you can buy golden ornament stickers. I order them online at and my favorites are “Pick Up 399 Goud” and “Starform 844 Goud”. You can easily find them when you use the search engine and they are only €0,64 per sheet.

4) Put it all together
The most fun part starts now!  Choose the picture that vibes with you for the coming months and put it in the middle of your diary. Place the stickers all around it and to finish it off, you can use scotch tape so everything will remain in place. Here below you can find a YouTube video on how I put it all together.

Enjoy every bit of your creative process! Honor yourself, honor every part of your way 🙂



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