The meaning of the little icon on my poems


I have used this picture as a brandmark for my poetry, so it would be easy to recognize my writing. But it’s not just that, it actually has a symbolic meaning for me.

We fight the greatest battles in our heads
they happen between our ears 
our mind is our most powerful tool 
and we can make it 
our greatest friend 
or our worst enemy

When you raise your head 
it symbolizes
that you have risen above
the obstacles
the setbacks
the fear

those whispering voices that said
you couldn’t do it- that you would
make a fool out of yourself

It was all there 
but you have moved through it
You conquered
You won 
by the power of your mind

I didn’t have all of this in mind when I made the picture actually. My friend and I were going out for a dinner in Abu Dhabi, we were all dressed up and taking pictures for fun. It looks so professional in black and white but wait until you see the original.
What cropping and editing can do!

Abu Dhabi

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope to see you her again!

with Love,

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