Cheap shopping in Taipei


Because spending within your budget,
saving money for personal growth,
your dream trip, business, house or other experiences are the goals of 2020!
While still rocking a nice outfit 😉

Save some money and still shop 😎 I call it: balance. The middle way. But you need to be a bit creative. If you are smart and practical, you can have it all.

My wufenpu outfit for €15

I will share my favorite and cheapest shopping market in Taipei: Wufenpu Shopping District.

It’s a paradise of little shops that are criss-crossed in alleys and lanes, offering fashionable clothes, accessories, shoes, hats, lingerie, jewellery in diverse styles, mostly oriented on women. There are also clothing stores for men, offering funny Disney socks and shoes.

Because it’s a wholesale market, prices are lower here for the same quality than in department stores. The prices are between 100 (€3) TWD – 500 (€15) TWD on average, with 1000 (€30) TWD for winter jackets or special items, mostly originating from Korea.

Shop-owners come here to shop for their new collection but also individual bargain shoppers are welcomed! The collection often changes so you will always find something new.

What are the opening hours of Wufenpu Market?
Weekdays: 11:00am – 12:00am
Weekend: 11:00am – 09:00pm
On Monday they have a restock from retailers and the shop-owners are quite busy. Not all shops will sell to individual shoppers that day, it’s better to go on any other day.

The entrance to the market

How to get to Wufenpu?
It is easy accesible with the green metro line, step out on the final station called Songshan. From here it’s a 10 minute walk. Follow the exit 3 sign and when you are up at the escalator, take a right and walk straight down, untill you see the pharmacy Cosmed. Here you go left and a few meters further you will find the entrance to the market.

Take a left here!

The pluses +
1. Looking for a toilet? There is a public free toilet next to the red temple. When you enter the market, it’s all the way to the left.

The red temple

2. Thirsty? You can find refreshments such as fresh squeezed orange juice and other juices and water at several places in the market.
3. Need an ATM? There is one opposite of Cosmed.
4. Hungry? You can visit the night market Raohe Night Market close to the Songshan Metro Station

The minuses –
1. In the majority of the stores you cannot try on the clothes because they want to keep it in good condition for resell. You can always ask and sometimes they say yes but mostly it’s a firm no.

Chanel like top for €30,-

2. English can be tricky since most of them know the basics of it. You are able to discuss the price but I never had a whole conversation with anyone there.

Locals also come shopping here

3. The sizes are usually from XS to M/L and pants are quite short (I am 172cm and they reach above my ankles) most of the sizes are small.

4. There is no bargaining, the prices are fixed, they won’t go down. Some shops sell the same items for a cheaper price, so you have to look around.

But other than that- enjoy your shopping spree!
Thank you for reading and hope to see you here soon again.

with Love,

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